Our KPOP Fashion Picks (Anonymous reply)

If you clicked on this post it’s probably because you listened to our episode ‘This Ain’t Halloween’ and if you haven’t listened to it yet, get comfortable because it’s a real doozy.

In that episode we had a great question from Anonymous, asking us about our favourite KPOP fashion looks. So because it’s great to have visuals, here are the clothes and music videos we talked about. Maybe it’ll inspire you! 

April’s Picks

Lee Hyori-Bad Girl


“I loved the dress with two splits at the side, and I loved her dark makeup and her dark hair, it was totally my style”-April


2NE1 FOLLOW ME 날 따라해봐요


“They were crazy styles but I really enjoyed the really fun and outgoing outfits in this video”-April

They wore a variety of different styles of Creepers in this video alongside suits with bold prints.

source: ningin.com

As well as a lot of loose fitting neon sets to with sneakers, accessorised with oversized shades and caps.


source: chingu-drama-fansub.forumpro.fr

Taemin-Drip Drop 


“I like the laid back style of the drip drop video, with his suspenders and dress pants, juxtaposed against him dancing in the desert”-April



Taemin-Sayonara Hitori


” [the video] It was really dramatic and had very dramatic outfits, everything in that video was just epic and the clothes were equal to that”-April




Honorable mentions

Red Velvet-Automatic & Ice-Cream Cake


Girl Davis’s Picks

Lee Hyori-Bad Girl

“I also love Bad Girl, in fact that whole Monochrome era of Lee Hyori is pretty much perfection. Bad Girl as a music video really resonated with me as I had just moved to Korea and was glad to see Hyori make such a successful comeback. As soon as I saw the hat I picked it up (I wish I still had this hat to be honest)”-Girl Davis

2NE1-I love You


“This whole video was giving me 90s Gianni Versace vibes. There were so many great looks and they all screamed ‘luxurious kept woman’. If I could afford to dress like this everyday I sure as hell would.”-Girl Davis


“Minzy was definitely the stand out in this video”-Girl Davis


For more ideas on how to get this look, head on over to: KimiCutest to get a full fashion breakdown.

2NE1 Fire Era


“When I think of that era (who can believe 2009 was so long ago!) I immediately think of of the accessories and brands that they introduced. I made my own Lego jewellery and bought a lot of the earrings and smaller stuff off Yesasia because they were affordable. I never did get my hands on a pair of the Jeremy Scotts though!’-Girl Davis 


“Although I must admit that after they started working with Jeremy, their style sometimes started to get a bit nonsensical and that’s when they strayed even further into the realms of cultural appropriation, which pissed off a lot of people”-Girl Davis


BoA-My Name


“I loved these series of outfits because they were such a departure from her regular Korean image. This album/song came out back in 2004 and that was the year BoA released her Japanese album Love & Honesty as well as the single Quincy, even in that same year BoA had two very contrasting images in Korea and Japan”-Girl Davis

“So the fact that the live performances of My Name were more akin to her Japanese performances really grabbed my attention and I became obsessed with every iteration of that satin outfit.”-Girl Davis

“I wasn’t playing when I said she had it in every colour!”-Girl Davis

“Newer KPOP fans might know this song from watching SNSD’s Yoona, when she did a BoA tribute. I loved her modern take on the outfit!”-Girl Davis

“However it was years later that on re-watching a Coco Lee concert VCD, that I noticed that Coco first rocked a similar outfit (and hairstyle) back in 1998!”-Girl Davis.

(many apologies for the quality, this is the best we could find available online)



“As I said before on the podcast, SNSD’s most popular concepts have always strayed into the fetishwear category, which is something I’m a big fan of. Genie was a great song and the clothes in that video are still wearable today-if you were going to a themed party or a fetish club.”-Girl Davis


Wonder Girls-I Feel You (Reboot era)


“I really loved this Reboot era because it reminded me of my favourite 80s cartoon, Jem & The Holograms (we do not acknowledge the movie) because they actually became a real band! The video was amazing, the song was great and the girls, (especially Yubin) just looked stunning in the video and I can’t lie, I looked for those blue, yellow and black swimsuits online for hours and couldn’t find them. I know that if I was in Korea I would’ve been able to find some knockoff version of it. Ah well” ~Girl Davis

These Kpop kids got a lot of style!

What are some of YOUR favourite KPOP outfits?

Leave a comment below or tell us on twitter!

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