Jinjja? Fashion Style Report

Hey guys!

It’s April here and today I’ll be sifting through the marvels and treachery of the Korean Fashion Industry. Up first in this instalment is Jung Ji Hyun at the press conference of her newest drama.


So you ask. “What’s wrong here?” I respond. “Er’thang child.” I do see where her stylist was trying to go but never arrived. The original destination was Metro City Station with a very ambiguous look similar to what G-Dragon goes for. The reason the train crashed at “Hot Mess” Central instead is that the femininity and masculinity are too extreme. One has to lightly batter each in its respective seasonings rather than drench. For the masculinity, the tie is too large for her frame, the lapels too wide and the cuffs too long. It reads more 1800th century house servant than fashion icon. Also an up do hairstyle would have added more sleekness to the already busy top.

On the femininity side, her stylist chose a style a bit more fitting for a younger teenaged girl going to prom then a top actress meeting the press in Seoul. A less fluffy and see through skirt would match her grace much better. An A-Line skirt made with light lingerie like fabric with a slit up the side traced in lace would have been excellent. And even if she wanted ruffles, going for an A-line single ruffle at the bottom would have been a great choice. So many options Ji Hyun!!!

So with all these suggestions you’re probably thinking, if you can do better, then show us! We’ll peeps don’t fret. I’ve got you. Check out my rendition of her outfit below and let me know what you think in the comments!


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