G-Dragon & Keith Ape Spotted at Le Pompon in Paris!

My friend Roukia (who joined us for our Black Girls in Korea series) heard Keith Ape was playing at Le PomPon which is usually a very exclusive club in Paris so of course she had to try and roll through. Luckily Roukia’s friend works there so she didn’t have to be on the guestlist and breezed right in.

Peep this exclusive video!


On the Vibe:

“They were all in there enjoying it! Basically except some famous Korean people that even I didn’t know and all these white people didn’t really know who where they so as soon as I got in I was dancing in front of GD!”-Roukia

“First the manager said there no pictures but then G dragon didn’t care anymore so I couldn’t snap a lot lol!”-Roukia

“And technically Keith ape was the special guest that’s why I went but I knew G dragon would be there as he also came for the fashion week.”-Roukia

In many of the pictures you’ll see GD making it rain with what appears to be bank notes but those turned out to be play money. Keith Ape and some other artists were also throwing the fake money around. I guess for ambiance or something to that effect…

“They were all dancing like crazy they left around 2.30 am. Even when his manager told him to take a break at his table he didn’t want to!”-Roukia
The DJ mostly played American hiphop, but did play some commercial KPOP artists like CL (he played Hello Bitches) as well as It G Ma collaborator KOHH. Other than that it was just a mixture of stuff you could hear in any popular club.  Roukia also said she saw Bella Hadid there looking incredibly uncomfortable (due to her outfit)

As you can see by the photos, she was very close to him and he was very relaxed and having a good time. It’s pretty dope to see major KPOP artists let their hair down like this.


Also, the manager was a bit of a dick to Roukia by hitting her camera, but once she spoke to him in Korean, he apologised and allowed her to film.

Once again thanks to Roukia for the pictures and video!


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