Jinjja Cha Movie Talk: He Was Cool

This is the first movie in our upcoming Korean movie discussions! We’ll be trying to get together to watch and review around two Korean movies a month, so we hope you can join us and enjoy some K-movies with Jinjja Cha!


Girl Davis picked the first movie, ‘He Was Cool’ for many reasons. The main reason is that the lead actress Jung Da Bin (정다빈) ended her life ten years ago (Feb 10th 2007) three years after this great movie came out. She was only 26 and had a lot of promise as a comedic actress and worked VERY well alongside Song Seung Hun (송승헌) who went onto to become an international Asian star. There are so many great moments in this adaptation of the manga/manhwa/graphic novel of the same name so please stay locked onto JinjjaCha.com because Girl Davis and April will be discussing this movie in a episode coming soon!

In the meantime, catch the movie below-it’s on youtube!

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