Another Sip of Tea: Can I Live?

Hey peeps!

So you all know in the word of Kpop a lot goes on in a week. Usually a group disbanding, a kpop artist catching a case, some scandalous dating news etc. Now of course we here at Jinjja Cha Podcast try to get to everything each week but sometimes so much mess goes on that we just can’t get to everything. So we thought to do a blog post sometimes on topics that we would have loved to get to but didn’t get to!


Twice – Knock Knock

TWICE has come back again with another hit titled “Knock Knock.” They’re the reigning girl group at the moment so we’re sure they’ll dominate the charts with this one.

Taeyeon – I Got Love

Girl Davis and I aren’t the biggest fans of Taeyeon (actually really not at all) but we can say she is given high quality songs and concepts that most of the time fit well for her. Surely with her large fan base this song will hit the top of the charts.



Here. #grammys #머리휘날리며

tablo | 타블로(@blobyblo)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 2월 12 오후 4:25 PST


In the podcast we talked about the shenanigans at the Grammy and didn’t get a chance to mention Tablo, Kris Wu and newlyweds Rain and Kim Tae Hee were in attendance as well. Tablo took some time to hang out with various guests.


Last week we talked about the official disbanding of the Wonder Girls and Spica but were given a treat this week with the news of a few members of both groups appearing on a new TV show. Yeeun of the Wonder Girls and Kim Bo Hyung of Spica are to join other starts on a new variety show titled “Hitmaker – Cross Country” where they travel across California premiering Feb 25th.


And that’s it folks! Let of kow what you think in the comments or if there’s anything last week that happened we didn’t get a chance to chat about!

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