Alleged Blackface & More KPOP News

First notice: Sorry guys but there will be no Jinjja Cha Podcast this week as April and Girl Davis have been so busy with living on two different (but equally crazy) continents that we haven’t time to link up and get to chin wagging. But have no fear, Girl Davis is here with a quick KPOP rundown on some things that have caught her eye over the past few days.



Mamamoo really fucked up last week by playing a parody video of themselves performing in Blackface as Bruno Mars (& The Gang/The Time/The Revolution) at their most recent concert. They’ve since apologised which can be read here

My issue is more with the fans’ response to this other than Mamamoo themselves. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: This shit will keep happening in KPOP because:


Let me clarify. They care about ‘Black Culture’ in the same way that a hungry person cares about getting all the food they can at a buffet. Black Culture and all it’s diversity is nothing more than a ever-bearing fruit tree that the world picks from. Does anyone care about the tree that it comes from? Do they care to plant seeds next to the tree to make more trees like the one they effortlessly took from? No, and why should they? The tree will keep on giving regardless so why the hell should anyone care?

You can see this in the way Mamamoo apologised to their Korean audience VS the international audience and you can also see this in the dismissive way fans from all around the world have been acting. Calling Black people ‘too sensitive’ and doing the old ‘LOL, well it doesn’t offend me so I don’t get it’.

Okay. If you really don’t get it, here’s a website right here explaining everything. I also had a big issue with people using the fact that Bruno is Filipino and Boricua to dismiss the fact that it’s blackface.

Here are his family for reference-His mother (RIP) is wearing the white top. 


Okay firstly, even though I never have and never will claim Bruno Mars, his father is a Puerto-Rican-look up the history of Puerto Rico, like most Caribbeans, they are mixed with damn near everything and yes that includes African (as well as Spanish and Taino) blood . However if we aren’t going to call it Blackface, (even though his backup dancers are Black…) lets call it Brownface then. Does it still make it right that Mamamoo thought that the only way they could cosplay as Bruno was to paint themselves BROWN? What kind of lazy performance art is this? And that goes for anyone trying to imitate a person of another race (Yellowface is equally as fucked up). This parody would have been actually funny and innovative if they just added the costumes, facial hair and worked the hell out of the impersonation like any good Drag artist would. But no, as always, the first thing they see is our skin colour when it comes to mocking us, however our skin colour seems to become null and void when we express how we feel about being parodied and having our culture heavily ‘borrowed’ from.

I’ve also seen a few black KPOP fans here and there sliding in with their High Fructose Corn Syrup Coon-asses just ready for the soft-shoe shuck and jive, being so apologetic, saying that it doesn’t bother them. If that’s the case, I’m happy y’all can live in a bubble like that, but since y’all have nothing of substance to to contribute to this conversation kindly:

giphy (1).gif

I think y’all get my point, and if you don’t please check out the links within the article. If you’re a listener of our podcast Jinjja Cha then you’ll know that we talk a lot about the degradation of Asians in the media, and especially the emasculation of  Asian men and the fetishizing of Asian women. This has a long history in Western Media and is showing no signs of slowing down, which quite frankly, in 2017 is some bullshit. I’m not going to sit here and say that since Asian singers are running around in Blackface that it’s okay for Yellowface to be standard trope in Hollywood. Wrong is wrong, and they’re both wrong and I have enough energy to speak about both issues.

Peep this short video for more info on Yellowface:  

Things I’m Actually Enjoying:

That’s right folks, I do enjoy stuff outside of Ty Dolla $ign and Caribbean Music. Right now I’m really into Unnie’s Slam Dunk 언니들의 슬램덩크 (mostly because of former 2NE1 member Minzy).


A brief summary of this show:  Sister’s Slam Dunk is a reality show, that features established female idols, tv personalities and actors that are put together to form a girl group. Season one’s cast included Tiffany from SNSD and rapper Jessi. This season has Gong Minzy and Jeon So-Mi from IOI amongst many other famous Korean tv stars.

Here’s episode one with subs courtesy of Youtube and KBS World:

LIVE (라이브) – Know Me (ft. DEAN)

Working with DEAN is great exposure because I never heard of this dude LIVE before this song came out. I heard this song once and fell in love with the whole vibe. It actually reminds me of DEAN’s stuff from his first EP TRBL. I’m glad I listened to this because I found a new artist to get into-it also helps that LIVE is rapping mostly in English as it helped me latch onto the song at a much faster rate.

Check out the track and let us know what you think of it!

Slowing it down a little: 

공민지MINZY -사랑하고 싶었던 거야 (I WANTED TO LOVE) from Rebel Thief Who Stole the People OST

A lovely ballad from Minzy. Believe it or not this is the first time we’ve heard a full solo track from Minzy since leaving 2NE1. If this song doesn’t prove that her voice was part of the foundation of the group then I don’t know what will. Minzy’s tone is so rich and effortless and I really hope 2017 is the year where she pushes all the way through. Get the song here.


I’m not really a fan of B.A.P however my friend Batinna is in this video! We’re actually working on getting her on Jinjja Cha to give us a rundown on how she got into the Korean music video industry and how to get into it as a foreigner so definitely look out for that. She’s the Black woman in the kitchen scene and you can also see her towards the end.


What else…


Nothing much except for the fact that I’ll be flying out to SOUTH KOREA IN THREE WEEKS! I’ll be continuing my Run빛Run travel series with some guerrilla style vlogs so do look out for those. Of course April & Girl Davis will be back next week for Jinjja Cha! Thanks for all the love and support from everyone who listens, writes in and retweets us! 

Remember you can be part of the show! Use the contact form above or!


One thought on “Alleged Blackface & More KPOP News

  1. Do you wait for the English sub-titled version of Sister Slam Dunk on KBS to come-up? I’m looking for a quicker source. I don’t like this season’s cast as much as last season’s, yet. I’m really pulling for YeMon! Also miss the individually dreams story lines. But I’m still hooked. I ‘m thinking they are staying with a safer theme and can imagine them shortening the season to keep viewers?

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