Real Talk: Episode 1 By -Ja’Mon Kimbrough

You heard him on last weeks double episode of Jinjja Cha-if not go here and here.  The two episodes he featured on have been some of our funniest to date so definitely get into them!

As Girl Davis mentioned on the show, Ja’Mon is a film-maker and has started a new docuseries called ‘Real Talk’. In episode 1 Ja’Mon interviews Alex about growing up as a Gay Hmong American in Minnesota and why he converted to Satanism.

A bit more information:

“So a while back some of you saw that I posted that I wanted to start interviewing different folks I knew (and didn’t know) on a variety of different things in regards to what makes them..well, them! Everything from religion, their hobbies, their viewpoints etc. Well after MANY months, the first episode of Real Talk is finally here! Thanks again to Alex for being one of the first volunteers. In this debut episode we spoke about his unique experience growing up in Minnesota as a gay Hmong American that also happens to identify as a Satanist. Please stay tuned for many more episodes in the future and if you would like to be considered for an upcoming episode or if you have any questions for any of the people that appear in the series, please comment or inbox me. In the words of Janet Jackson “lets keep the conversation going..” ~Ja’Mon Kimbrough

Follow Ja’Mon’s social media:


He’s also a photographer in Minnesota! Check out his work here:


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