MIYAVI – Asia on Tour Review/Fan Account (Chicago)


Hey guys!

I met Miyavi.


THE Samurai Guitarist.

That’s me in the photo, with MIYAVI’s fingers in my hair! And a smirk on his face. Ahhhhh!


Whew. Now that my fan girling has subsided, I can get to the meat of everything.

For this post I won’t go too into detail since I’ve more than shared enough on last weeks podcast that you can check below!

What I will share are photos and special things I loved about the show.

Check out the video below to get a taste of the awesome that is MIYAVI live!

Now wasn’t that AMAZING!? How one man with a guitar and a half naked drummer can make such an incredible experience is beyond me! The atmosphere was excellent and my stars aligned perfectly for me to win the chance to meet him as well!

The opening acts were Korean indie band Kiha and the Faces and Thai rock band Slot Machine.



Both bands were really amazing and great additions to compliment Miyavi’s style. And doesn’t the second guy from the left look like Morris Day from Morris Day and the Time? 😀


To start the show MIYAVI jumped into the heart pumping jam, Raise Me Up while sliding in between other songs like Dim It, Firebird and Long Nights from his newest release “FIREBIRD.”


Haven’t listened to FIREBIRD or BEST OF DAY 2 yet? Follow the links to purchase on ITUNES!


He also debuted a new song featuring his wife Melody titled Home Is. And of course he did oldies but goodies like Ganryu, What a Wonderful World and my two all time favorites Day 1 and The Others,

Along with all his glorious hair flicking, he ended the show with the sick Day 2 remix of one of his most famous songs What’s My Name? from the All Time Best DAY 2 album.


From reading a few fan accounts of other comyv’s that have seen him live before, all have said that this was his best concert to date. I feel especially happy because he continues to experiment with new sounds and artists to create something truly inspirational. For any of those that knew Miyavi throughout the years, you’ve definitely seen the myriad of reinventions he’s done. Though he’s a family man now with two cute daughters, he shows no sign of stopping. I truly feel proud to be his fan knowing that he’s just started a new chapter in his career. And now that he’s based in the states we’ll be seeing him in many more movie and able to experience his concerts more often!

Thanks MIYAVI for connecting the EAST and WEST by building a bridge so that the two can pass through.

— Love ya bunches.


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