Anonymous Submission: IKON

Hey Jinjja Cha listeners!

During the Anonymous section of our latest episode (Anonymous 3: We Got Ya’ll) we told you all about a submission we got from one of our listeners regarding the topic of Ikon. In previous episodes, April has talked about the lack of drive IKON gives with comebacks and how YG doesn’t seem to care about them. So our anonymous was kind enough to show us some receipts to prove April’s point! Actually she provided much more than that, more so that we wanted to dedicate a blog post so that our readers could view the well researched submission as well! Let us know what you think in the comments.

Thanks Courtney for the submission!

Editors note: This submission was released before BlackPink’s latest single.

“Hi Ladies,

I’ve found your conversations about iKON over the past couple weeks interesting and it got me thinking about YG’s active idol groups.  I’m newer to K-Pop and since the beginning of 2016 it feels like I have barely seen any new material from YG’s big Idol groups (Big Bang, Winner, iKON, Black Pink).  Winner and iKON’s recent comebacks were double MVs but had zero additional songs on the albums.

Black Pink has had two comebacks with two MVs each but neither had a physical album or additional tracks.  That being said, there is a physical Japanese release planned for later this year.  Why are they releasing Black Pink physical Japanese album when we’ve yet to see a physical Korean album?  Does YG not care about Korea?  Is he focusing on Japan?

Big Bang completed their MADE album in December almost a year and a half after the first 8 songs were released.  Their comeback consisted of 2 MVs and one additional song, Girlfriend, on the album.  Girlfriend is the only song from a major YG Idol group without an MV released in the past 16 months.  We got 11 MVs (which to be fair is a decent amount) but only 12 songs from four major groups over 16 months. Why isn’t YG giving his artists more songs and actual albums?  It seems like unless there is a MV counterpart he doesn’t see the point in wasting time on it.  It makes me feel like all these comebacks are half-assed and sloppily thrown together.  What in the world do these groups perform in concert when they don’t have any additional or new material?

When you look at the amount of material and music YG groups have released compared to SM and JYP groups that have debuted around similar times there is a stark contrast in numbers (below).  Does YG think he can just skate by sprinkling in music videos once a year for a group?  Are we really expected to listen to two songs over and over for a full year?

I got into K-Pop for the music so find it frustrating when it seems like the actual music and albums are being ignored all together.  It makes me feel like YG thinks fans won’t be interested unless there is a visual aspect and fans only want something pretty to look at.  Real fans are here for the music the group is producing and want something to listen to.  If I just wanted to watch pretty people I could turn on some mindless shit like the Kardashians, but I expect more from groups marketed as musical artists.

Wow I ended up writing more but I guess I’ve been thinking about this a lot.

Anyway, love the show and getting to hear your thoughts and opinions on K-Pop and all things in between every week.”

–Courtney (@cckessler on Twitter)

Also just some numbers:

Black Pink – Debut 2016:

  • August 2016 – Digital single album, 2 songs (Whistle, Boombayah)
  • November 2016 – Digital single album, 2 songs (Playing with Fire, Stay)
  • No physical album in Korea yet YG has announced a physical Japanese EP for August 2017

Winner – Debut 2014:

  • August 2014 – S/S Debut physical album with 10 songs, most writing and composing credited to the group members
  • February 2016 – Exit: E physical EP with 5 songs, majority of album produced by members themselves.  Was supposed to be the first part of a four part series.
  • April 2017 – Fate Number For physical single album with 2 songs (+ instrumental versions of each song so technically 4 songs but not really)

iKON – Debut 2015:

  • October 2015 – Welcome Back, first half of with 6 songs, physical version released.
  • December 2015 – Welcome Back, full physical album containing 6 tracks from October plus four new songs and a remix.
  • January 2015 – The Japanese version of the album was released which also included their pre-debut songs.
  • May 2016 – WYD, digital single, one song.
  • May 2017 – New Kids Begin, physical single album, 2 songs (Bling Bling, B-Day)

MOBB – Debut 2016:

  • Bobby x Mino collab: six track EP released September 2016.

Big Bang – 2014-2017 Activity:

  • May-August 2015: MADE series, 8 songs total
  • December 2016: 3 new tracks to complete the full MADE album

Compare the YG releases with groups that have debuted at similar times from SM and JYP:

SM – Red Velvet – Debut 2015

  • March 2015: Ice Cream Cake physical EP,6 tracks
  • September 2015: The Red, physical full length album, 10 tracks
  • March 2016: The Velvet, physical EP, 8 tracks
  • September 2016: Russian Roulette, physical EP, 7 tracks
  • February 2017: Rookie, physical EP, 7 tracks

SM – NCT – Debut 2016

  • NCT 127 – Three physical EPs, 13 tracks across first two, third will probably have an additional 6 or 7 (coming out this month)
  • NCT Dream – Physical single album with 5 tracks
  • NCT U – two digital singles

JYP – GOT7 – Debut 2014

  • January 2014: Got It? physical EP, 6 tracks
  • June 2014: Got Love, physical EP, 8 tracks
  • November 2014: Identify, full physical album, 11 tracks
  • July 2015: Just Right, physical EP, 8 tracks
  • September 2015: Mad, physical EP, 6 tracks
  • February 2016: Moriagatteyo, Japanese full physical album, 16 tracks
  • March 2016: Flight Log Departure, physical EP, 8 tracks
  • September 2016: Flight Log Turbulence, full physical album, 13 tracks
  • November 2016: Hey Yah, Japanese physical EP
  • March 2017: Flight Log Arrival, physical EP, 8 tracks

JYP – Twice – Debut 2015

  • October 2015-May 2017: 5 EPS totaling 27 tracks, 1 Japanese EP




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