진짜 차 팟캐스트 Jinjja Cha Podcast: April Had A Birthday

April had a Birthday!

This show wouldn’t be possible without April aka The Pink Fashion Ninja! Wish her a Happy Birthday!

And we’re back this weekend with some KPOP news for you!

BTS is still all over the place-Who are these International fans?

Lip reductions in Korea

Melania Trump in Korea

Seungri gives advice to music show contestant

YG is triflin…as usual

Twice still have no say in their careers

and much more!

Why You Gotta Be Anonymous? (We answered your listener letters)

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Ending Song: Taemin-Thirsty

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One thought on “진짜 차 팟캐스트 Jinjja Cha Podcast: April Had A Birthday

  1. Hey guys! This is late as hell but at least I wrote in.
    I hope everything is going well.

    So here is my rant regarding the whole problematic idols and comparing them thing. Please choose what ever you think is relevant/pertinent because the whole thing is just wat too long.

    I first want to define when I start to find a person problematic. I don’t necessarily condemn someone just for doing the “problematic thing“ because I know that we all make mistakes and we are not perfect and we don’t know things straight away. And as a continental African who has a majority of non-westerners as friends, I know we have a lot, a lot, a lot of work to do to understand how to be more aware of certain issues. I constantly have to correct my mother because she keeps conflating gay men with a pre-op transgender women. It’s because it’s not part of our education to think about the things we perpetuate like racism, xenophobia, colourism, classism and rejection of everything that is not cis heterosexuality. And we have damn near zero understanding of mental health. What I do judge the person on is how they react once people tell them that they’ve made a mistake. It helps me determine if this is a person who can learn and if I want to spend any kind of mental energy in them, never mind actual money. I also have a 3 strikes rule for people I stan. 1= side-eyed and flagged, 2= probation, I don’t look at their stupid face for a while (Song Mino is currently on probation until 2018) and 3=cancelled.
    And furthermore, if they respond in a way I find offensive, while I don’t necessarily continue to support them or keep up with them I always have a bigger problem with the companies than I do with individuals. Because at the end of the day, they can’t actually exert oppression on to me like a majority person in US could. BUT the kpop industry is expanding enough that teenagers out there are starting to behave in questionable ways to defend their oppa/unnie and I know way too much about psychology to ignore the impact behaviour has on future attitudes, especially at a formative age.

    Okay first things first on the topic of comparing idols to each other. I personally do find it really useful to compare idols because that’s the only way I can tell what is accessible to people similar to them.
    For examples if two idols are the same age, with similar background and have not grown up exposed to foreigners or are not Koreans Americans, I figure out like okay so idol X knows this therefore it’s not that difficult for idol Y to know the same thing, presumably. It may be a faulty premise but I have to start somewhere if I want to make decision based on whether someone is too problematic to be a fan of. A good example is between Eric Nam and Henry Lau. Both are North American born Asians, they are the same age, both went to uni in Boston. One declined being in a problematic episode of SNL and the other was randomly defending black face on his SNS. Sure, experiences shape us differently, but there is too much overlap to give a pass to Henry when Eric does a fine job of not saying/doing offensive shit on more than one occasion.

    There is also a cognitive dissonance factor for me. I can’t go around calling myself a VIP, but think Jackson is the worst because of the dreads situation. If I feel this way, comparing makes me acknowledge that there is a third factor in the equation. I’m not a GD stan (I’m using him because he’s the worst in my opinion), but I would still consider myself a Big Bang fan, even if I would now refuse to pay for anything BigBang related. So even though I had basically pre-cancelled Jackson for his clap backs, I still will listen to BigBang. Why? The real reason is, from what little I had seen, I already didn’t like Jackson. I had heard GOT7 and found their music thoroughly disappointing and after watching a program with him on it, I found him annoying and didn’t last long before switching it off to watch other stuff. To be fair to him, it’s mostly because he gives me major dude bro vibes HK edition and HK is already try hard central. When I learned of all of GD’s bullshit, comparing Jackson to him, made me come to the conclusion that what annoyed me was not just his reaction, but that it was him. Not only did I find him irritating but I felt his group’s music sucked so how DARE he think he’s all that. Whereas GD ain’t shit but at least he’s got talent and I loved BigBang so there is something for me to battle with I’m making a choice. I had to acknowledge that I was basically being a hypocrite. Because when I found out about BigBang’s antics, I internally tried to negotiate with myself about listening to their music. Although tbh, they’re 5 ft underground anyway so there are way fewer opportunities to support them. And I’m a YG hater so that helps too.

    How do I take knowing my bias and sometimes conflicting stances into practice? First, with this example, I don’t side-eye people who like Jackson and I don’t go around acting like he’s the Voldemort of cultural appropriation and anti-blackness in kpop because while his bullshit made me pull the plug on him, that was because I already wasn’t here for him. That’s important to me in discussions because while my feelings by themselves are valid, once there is a forum to discuss issues, contextualisation is important. Otherwise I’d go into circles, dismissing everyone who hasn’t cancelled Jackson and not getting how they can forgive him.
    It also helped me evaluate what I really cared about when discussing those issues, and to me, someone having the knowledge that their action are hurtful but wanting to continue because of a concept is just not ok with me. And even with liking him as an artist, I have to recognise that GD is way worse than Jackson and my liking his music isn’t enough of a pay off for a decade worth of fuckery. So if I’m cancelling Jackson after one strike, I can’t really defend GD, because what he’s done and said is much worse in my opinion. And because I pay attention to impact, GD’s sphere of influence on the industry massively outweighing Jackson’s also payed a part. There was just no way for me to justify to MYSELF doing anything other than listening to BigBang on Apple Music.

    By the way, I’m so mad he has to be so problematic…GD&TOP is my favourite thing that ever happened in Kpop.

    PS: I know Taeyang had dreads but he at least had them on all the time for months so while is still cringe as fuck, it’s not like he wore them for FXXK IT and then chucked them for Last Dance stages.

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