Meet our new sponsors: Sudio Sweden headphones! Get 15% off using the code CHA!


The Jinjja Cha Podcast is about South Korean Pop-Culture and everything else in between and here’s some of the in between: Sudio Sweden recently approached us to collaborate on a promotional project involving headphones from their latest wireless range.



Right now, the ladies of Jinjja Cha are loving the headphones and we will be discussing more about them on the podcast. If you’re also tired of getting your wires tangled or losing earbuds, we highly recommend SUDIO headphones. Girl Davis has the pink TRE headphones and April chose the VASA Blå in pink because as you know, we’re more than just a little fond of the color pink!

Of course we have to make sure our listeners get in on the deal, so please use the discount code CHA which will give 15% off any purchase. Go here to buy now.



About the company: Sudio–we want to revolutionize the way people see headphones, as not just a tech device but also an accessory. Currently, the headphones market can offer you one of two things: style or tech. Fashionable headphones tend to lack the proper sound quality, and high-tech variations are bulky and not design oriented. We want to bridge that gap. While emphasizing our modern, Scandinavian design, we also provide a product that matches the quality of even the highest rated headphones on the market for a fraction of the cost.

We also provide free worldwide shipping.


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