Review: H1GHER MUSIC TOUR – Chicago

hghr (1)

This past weekend in Chicago was quite “lit” as the youngins might say with a weekend packed full of Korea’s hottest Kpop, Khiphop and rap artists.


The weekend got started early on Thursday with the H1GHER Music crew shutting it  down in the Chi.


TED PARK started off the show with an exciting stage followed by fellow members AVATAR DARKO, RAZ SIMONE AND WOODIE GOCHILD.


I wan’t familiar with any of the artists stated above but each gave an exciting performance. Raz Simone shared how Jay Park found him on Twitter and wanted to sign him as well as when he first watched one of Jay Park’s earlier videos and thinking “What the hell is this?” He also did about 85% of his performance in the crowd with awesome interaction with the audience.

Funnily enough, while I was reviewing some photos on my camera I felt someone tap me on the shoulder and say “Can I get to the stage through here?” To my surprise it was Raz who tapped me looking for a way back up to the stage from the audience area. Funny!


There seemed to be a ton of WOODIE GOCHILD fans in the audience as his stage got the crowd really pumped.


Next up was: “I need a Cha Cha beat boy” producer CHA CHA MALONE, PHE REDS AND JARV DEE.


CHA CHA MALONE’S stage was surprisingly short being only about 20 or so minutes. He also came out during the transition set to break dance to CARDI B’S Bodak Yellow. Nonetheless he still brought the house down.


PHE REDS brought the R&B to the show, serenading us with his discography as well as covering 90’s jams like BLACKSTREET’S No Diggity. The sea of lights in the audience really created an amazing ambiance.


The only artist I’d say who’s set veered away from the laid back, refreshing sets of his counterparts was JARV DEE (actually I’ll add TED PARK to this as well.) For me his music and lyrics were a stark contrast to the others and almost felt like we were at a different show entirely. But perhaps this was intentional from the show producers to showcase the various types of artists H1GHER MUSIC produces and gives audiences an array of styles to choose from.


Last but not least was two of the biggest artists on the roster; SIK-K and PH-1 who both shone brightly. I caught a fan on camera handing SIK-K a Bulbasaur Pokemon plush, to which he looked puzzled and proceeded to toss it back to the fan. At the end of the show he went back and signed it along with PH-1!


Other than IFFY and Eung Freestyle, I wasn’t familiar with the SIK-K discography but after the show I became a fan. He’s also very fine. That right there will make any lady pay attention.

Overall the HIGHER MUSIC TOUR in Chicago presented a great mixture of khiphop and American rap under one roof. They have a few cities left on the tour so make sure to grab your tickets now!

– April

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