Music You Missed Monday #MMMplaylist


Welcome to Music You Missed Monday’s #MMMplaylist! This a new thing Girl Davis will be adding to the site for your listening pleasure. Each week we’ll showcase six new songs on our Spotify playlist that we think have been criminally ignored, slept on, unreleased are underrated etc. Of course we’ll be featuring KPOP, but do expect to see some JPOP and CPOP classics in there. We’re also fans of Filipino bands like Up Dharma Down so expect to see some OPM (Original Pilipino Music) in there too! Jinjja Cha was originally created to discuss Korean Pop-Culture at length and to share the music that made us who we are today. We won’t stop reviewing albums and doing our ‘First Listen’ segments on our podcast so don’t worry! This is just an additional bit of content we want to give you guys. If you want to suggest a song that should be included on this playlist hit up the contact form and let us know!



We at Jinjja Cha are big fans of Red Velvet and outside of their major fanbase, it really seems like they release an album, drop a hot single with a hook chorus and disappear. For that I think they are awesome and generally stay out of trouble (ahem Wendy), but I do wonder why their album cuts are so slept on. Kingdom Come for example, is a GREAT song vocally and lyrically, but it was barely promoted which is really sad. I think I might love Kingdom Come more than One Of These Nights, and that is my song!

Last year, Red Velvet dropped their second album, The Perfect and earlier on this year they came back with an re-release featuring the single Bad Boy. 

The re-release of the album actually made me go back to listen to the album again since I loved Peek-A-Boo and from there I fell in love with the album. Perfect 10 is such a wonderfully crafted song about the sweetness of being in a passionate relationship and longing to be with a loved one. This is Pop-R&B at its finest and I think more people should hear it!

Wonder Girls-Reboot (JYP)


*Sigh* oh the Wonder Girls, once at the forefront of Hallyu (Korean wave), this group went through so many line-up changes and hiatuses only to re-emerge in 2015 as a four-piece 80s synth band and guess what, aesthetically and sonically they killed it. As a massive WG and Jem & The Holograms aficionado, seeing our girls out there was a band was pretty amazing to see, especially as they teased us with their cover of  Shin Joon Hyun’s famous K-Rock song, Beautiful Woman/Me, In (신중현-미인) on their Wonder World album from 2011. Seeing them with instruments felt like a natural progression and we were all for it!


That album was just full of hits! Or rather, it was full of would-be hits like Rewind, Loved, One Black Night, Baby Don’t play, Gone and of course, Faded Love which is included on the #MMMplaylist. It was hard to choose between Faded Love and Rewind because they’re both great songs, but I feel that Faded Love is the more underrated song of the two so I had to include it. Lyrically the song is about a failed romance and lamenting over the loss of a relationship, but musically its 80s synth perfection with a sad yet optimistic feel to it, the song is everything I remember and loved about the 80s. I hope you check it out and discover more songs from that great album. Hopefully one day the girls will get back together for one last album/tour. I’d love to meet them one day. Oh well. #JusticeforTheWG

Akdong Musician- Chocolady (YG Entertainment)Akdong-Musician4

These guys are The Carpenters of South Korea, and I say that as a massive Carpenters fan. Lee Chan-Hyuk is definitely the Richard of group, providing the lyrics and compositions and Lee Su-Hyun is clearly our Karen, with her pretty unique voice. Their music is generally very wholesome and captures the feeling of what its like to be young, having crushes and hanging out with friends in Korea. Akdong also have a way expressing serious melancholy just like The Carpenters before them. I picked Chocolady because most people know them for their big hits like Dinosaur, 200% and Melted as well as their winning songs like, Is It Ramyun? from their time on 2012’s KPOP Star 2. 

There’s a very big coffee culture in Seoul and Chocolady immediately takes me back to the days where I’d sit in a coffee shop with a book for hours just taking in the ambiance. Chocolady comes from the WINTER album and is after another favourite of mine called ‘Play Ugly’. The song is about about Chan-Hyuk seeing a stunning girl in a coffeeshop and him thinking about what he wants to say to her and possibly do to her (in the most PG-13 way possible). What we end up with is a sweet, jazzy pop tune with an amazing chorus. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 



We LOVE Momoland! They’re out here bringing the energy and fun back to KPOP and are a great girl group overall. Bboom Bboom already destroyed the charts, and despite all the controversy, they’re still out here making these bops! Freeze is pure summer time fun and if you don’t have it on your Summer Kpop Playlist, you should definitely add it!

Just look at how adorable the video is!




NCT 127- Another World (SM ENT)


NCT 127 continue to make strides in KPOP with their sleek R&B-pop and ‘Another World’ is no exception with its dark and alluring vibe. 

Check out a great lyric video here for a deeper understanding of the song:


When people talk about their favourite NCT 127 songs, ‘Another World’ is rarely part of the conversation. Its definitely a more slept-on song and we think you should hear it! What other NCT 127 song do you think deserves more love? 

Pentagon-Critical Beauty (CUBE)


Pentagon already showed us that they weren’t playing with last month’s release of Shine, and with their strong discography, these new kids on the block are showing us that CUBE definitely has their head in the game. I feel like Pentagon will have a medium-well year in 2018, but next year will be the year that they blow up. These guys are great dancers, have distinctive vocals and are bursting with energy. Jinjja Cha thinks these guys have the same energy as early Big Bang (we’re talking 06 thirsty Big Bang) and we’re all here for it! Critical Beauty is a fun R&B and Bounce inspired song about liking someone who is so beautiful that their beauty could put you in a critical situation!  Check out the song on the playlist and the lyrics hereWho is your favourite member of Pentagon?


Catch us next week for another round of #MMMPlaylist!



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