Music You Missed Monday #MMMplaylist K-Hip Hop Edition


It’s Monday again so its time for more songs! This whole series is about shouting out underrated artists and songs and some are SO slept-on, that their music isn’t available on Spotify or Apple Music. However, that won’t stop me for posting their stuff here via youtube or uploading it myself because thats what #MMMPlaylist is about! #4

It’s Bank Holiday Monday in the UK and my ass is sore from literally shaking it with Big Freedia. So let’s cut to the chase!

The Quiett-Airplane Music (Feat. Basick, Rimi, Beenzino, Fana & San E) (Soul Company)


K-rapper The Quiett aka Shin-Dong Gab, was born on Jan 29 1985 (Heyy 80s baby!) and helped co-found the Korean Hip-hop label Soul Company in 04 when he was 19. He eventually left and moved onto founding Illionaire with Dok2 in 2011 and as you may or may not know, they’ve gone on to produce some of the biggest Hip-hop artists in Korea.

Under the label of Soul Company, The Quiett released some seriously dope homegrown Hip-hop and Airplane Music is one of those songs that I feel doesn’t get enough love. Check the song out and let us know what you think about all the features-this song is from 2010 so some of your fav K-rappers might have changed up their flows now, but it’s good to see where they started!

Supreme Team – Dang Dang Dang (땡 땡 땡) (Amoeba Culture)


THIS SONG! As soon as I heard this song back in 2010 I fell in love instantly because I could immediately imagine hearing it at the KPOP Team parties that were popular at the time. I also was dating a DJ around that time and he really dug this song and promised to play it for me at one of his live sets. Never did though…

Simon D and E-Sens did the damn thing on this track. The video however…well you could tell they were on a limited budget. Peep the hairstyles and fashions too, 2010 was a different time okay!

Supreme Team were active under Amoeba Culture from 2009 until 2013 when they finally disbanded. But all is not lost! E-Sens became a respected solo artist and Simon D went on to form AOMG with Jay Park! 

Peep the song and video and TURN IT ALL THE WAY UP!

Drunken Tiger – 편의점 Convenience Store (feat. Gemini) (Jungle Entertainment)


Drunken Tiger was a Hip-Hop group that debuted in 1999 consisting of: Tiger JK, DJ Shine. Micki Eyes, DJ Jhig, and Roscoe Umali. One of their long-time collaborators was a girl called Tasha aka Gemini aka Yoon Mirae (amongst her many other names) who eventually went onto date and then marry Tiger JK. Drunken Tiger would eventually disband and in 2004, Tiger released the album, One Is Not A Lonely Word featuring wicked tracks like Shake It (again featuring wifey Yoonmirae) and of course Convenience Store which features on this #MMMPlaylist.

I chose this song because not only is it sonically great to hear, but people rarely mention it when they talk about songs that JK and Mirae have done together. Plus the video is awesome and lyrically the song is hilarious and very accurate to what I remember my friend telling me when he worked at a 7/11 in Seoul. Drunken Tiger, Mirae and Bizzy went on to form MFBTY and continues to slay our hearts with their fantastic collaborations, like this one right here with RM/Namjoon/Rap Monster from BTS

Yoonmirae(윤미래) KawiBawiBo (가위바위보)



No real explanation as to why I’ve included a brand new 2018 song on the #MMMPlaylist. But peep this: How many of y’all reading this post knew that Yoonmirae had new music out? Exactly. The video is below and the song is on the playlist! She also has a birthday coming up on May 31! So listen to the song and send her bday wishes this week!

효린, 지코, 팔로알토(Hyolyn, Zico, Paloalto) 다크팬더(DARK PANDA) (Starship Entertainment)


I have such a love-hate relationship with Zico. The fool is talented, probably the most talented in mainstream K-hip-hop aside from Namjoon/RapMon/RM from BTS. But he continues to do such problematic things that it makes it hard to be a true Zico stan.

Dark Panda was a 2015 collaboration with Zico, Paloalto and Sistar’s Hyolyn, who was fresh off her Unpretty Rapstar stint and was still playing in the rapper dress-up box. This song actually dropped under the guise of being Hyolyn’s rap debut, but what we got was something WAY better than any of us ever asked for. This song is an amazing mix of Hip-hop, old skool Dubstep with a bit of House vocals thrown in there for good measure. Lyrically the song ticks all the boxes and the rap verses suit the song perfectly. Nothing feels out of place. Paloalto did his thing, Hyolyn did her thing and Zico had to be the one at the end because he murdered this track. And after all that, I still feel like this song came and went and isn’t remembered as fondly as I thought it would be. It’s definitely on the #MMMPlaylist so please check it out!

Team Zico x Paloalto – Turtle Ship 


This crazy original song came about through one of THE WORST reality shows I’ve seen in my life. Show Me The Money, is a Korean elimination game show (think Drag Race, with more offensive racial cosplay and cultural appropriation) that started in 2012 and has been going strong ever since. I hate this show the same way I hated Unpretty Rapstar, simply because it took what made Hip-Hop great and attempted to boil it down to a few elements. Hip-hop and reality tv has no place being in such close proximity and if you’ve ever seen an episode of Love & Hip-Hop then you’ll know what I mean…unless you like those shows then…


Korean Hip-Hop went from being a carbon copy American Hip-hop to eventually finding it’s own feet and becoming a very expressive art to going back to posturing and mimicry all within the space of 10-15 years give or take. Right now, I honestly cannot stand most mainstream K-Hip-Hop as like I said, it’s pure mimicry and they are imitating those trash ‘lil’ artists from America right now so everyone sounds the same and raps about shit that they’ve never experienced. That’s why I love Turtle Ship so much, not just because of the traditional Korean instruments (which already set the song apart from all the other wannabe trap-type beats despite the controversy) but lyrically the song mentioned elements of Korean history i.e Turtle Ship and comparing themselves to how formidable the ship was. The Turtle Ship is taught to every child in Korea and to every foreigner taking Korean classes as it is a point of great pride for Koreans. I loved learning about it in class and I loved hearing about it on this track. I need my K-Hip-Hop more like Turtle Ship and less like Gucci Gang! The version included on the #MMMplaylist is the remix but it’s mastered and sounds way better. Also check out the performance from SMTM4:


Catch us next week for another round of #MMMPlaylist!


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