DPR ‘Coming To You Live’ World Tour

DPR is here to set the world ablaze!

dpr world tour

North America, Asia and Europe will all get to see the likes of DPR Live, Christian Yu and more.

For those unfamiliar with DPR or aka Dream Perfect Regime, it’s a collective of musicians and directors who create and produce bodies of work in house. So instead of hiring a producer to make a beat or paying for a director to possibly have the same vision you have for a video, they create their own content!

On the music side, DPR Live in an enigmatic and captivating rapper intertwining various sounds and styles to create unique aesthetic.

On the direction side, there’s Producer DPR Cream who’s done various tracks on the Coming to You Live album.


Along with him there’s Cline, Scott (Production Direction), Kang Gun (Assistant Director) and Jung Moo Jun.

Last but not least there’s Christian Yu aka Yu Barom. (If he looks familiar to you it’s because he used to be a member of Kpop boy group, C-Clown!)

christian yu dpr

DPR + Iam helms the visual and directing side. He’s also done videos for MOBB (Bobby of IKON & Mino of Winner), Taeyang and the viral hit Eung Freestyle.

He’s known for creating the most stunning visuals and recording in the most exotic of locations, captivating you in the videos he curates.

And those gentleman together make up DPR! The show will be a must see. 

Click the Instagram post for links to tickets to a city near you!

Photos/Video Credit: DPR

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