Gaston Luga Collaboration

Hello Jinjja Cha listeners!

We are excited to announce a new partnership with accessory brand Gaston Luga! For the next few weeks we will be introducing the brand as well as sharing our own experiences with our Gaston Luga backpacks using the hashtags #travelwithGL #packitwithGL and #doitwithGL.

To start off the #doitwithGL hashtag, we want to give our listeners a discount code for 15% off! Use code JINJJACHA at checkout so you can join us and #doitwithGL this August! You even receive a free passport holder with your purchase: a great add-on for those who love to travel like Girl Davis and I. They also have free shipping and free worldwide returns.


Their Story

The Gaston Luga brand takes its inspiration from a French traveller who had customized his backpack to combine functionality with a stylish exterior. In the same way, our brand aims to design backpacks that bridge the gap between fashion and function.

image (2)

Design Philosophy

Gaston Luga backpacks are unique as they feature highly structured internal divisions and a clean, streamlined shape. They are also assembled from strong, resistant fabrics such as cotton canvas and metal buckles. In addition, our backpacks are made from vegan leather that maintain a high quality feel.

image (1)


Gaston Luga operates in many parts in the world; therefore, there is a need to consistently set better standards for our operations worldwide.

We strive for perfection in everything we do while also taking care of our environment. All our materials are carefully sourced and in compliance with EU regulations. We are also committed to lowering our carbon footprint by using the most effective transportation alternatives.

It is important that our growth is sustainable, hence, we also regularly inspect our partners’ facilities in order to ensure the maintenance of fair trade and good working conditions.

Gaston Luga girl davis

In love with the brand already? We hope you are!

Check out next week’s #travelwithGL post to read about Girl Davis’ experience traveling with her Praper – Pink backpack! I’ll be up the following week to #packitwithGL with my Classy – Navy & Brown backpack for the upcoming MIYAVI concert. 😀 (I’m so excited.)

If you order a bag let us know! Don’t hesitate to send us a photo with you and your bag along with your review!



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