Sponsored Post: Gaston Luga #DoitwithGL


Hey guys it’s Girl Davis here! As you know, we’re currently doing a collaboration with the Swedish Travel Bag brand ‘Gaston Luga’  and we are giving our listeners a discount code for 15% off!  Use code JINJJACHA at checkout so you can join us and #doitwithGL this Autumn! They even include a free passport holder with your purchase: a great add-on for those who love to travel like me and April. They also have free shipping and free worldwide returns. It’s a good look all around.

Product Review:

Gaston Luga

As you all can see, I picked the Praper bag in Black/Pink. Unfortunately at the time of writing this review, that bag is now sold out. I chose this bag because the two colours really describe my personal style in terms of the Black parts being my staple colour that speaks to one side of me with the Pink to show the softer, more colourful side of my personality. The quality of the material the bag is made out of is very high-it’s a mix of PU leather and strong canvas, although in some parts (like around the gold plate logo) the design could have been a bit better. I find the way the bag opens and closes very cute and it feels very nice from a sensory perspective. It’s designed in a very traditional satchel style, but its definitely more chic than a traditional ‘Back to School’ bag. The black passport holder is cute! As a Londoner it serves better as a Oyster/Debit card holder to hop on and off the trains.


If you listen to our podcast, you’ll know I’ve been back on my dating bullshit again and I’ve been taking this bag out with me to all my outings and it’s fared pretty well. If you ever need to do a ‘Walk of shame’ real early in the morning then this bag will keep all your stuff together and intact! It’s also a good bag to take to a concert, as you can put your coat and all the extra stuff in there and either check it into the cloakroom or just keep it under your seat. If you’re standing up at the show then just re-adjust the straps and get to jumping! As a person who enjoys quality travel bags, this is perfect for me! I get to carry all of my nonsense in the double compartments: Makeup, charger, 3DS, Nintendo Switch, notebooks, keys, mirrors (yes plural), bottled water, random old lady candy, lactaid pills…all my nonsense and it felt good!

Details on the Praper bag

They have a new rollout of bags and I already have my eye on these:

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 00.11.16

At first I was going to pick the obvious Black/Pink bag but then I saw the Burgundy one and POCKETS! I love pockets! 

Thanks again to Gaston Luga for this lovely bag and all their professionalism! New semester is coming up soon! I know all you students and parents are already seeing all these signs:


The time is coming! So you might as well style and profile with Gaston Luga! Use Jinjjacha to get 15% it’s totally worth it! One of our lovely supporters Traci already got one!


Same as me! If you could pick one, which one would it be? And where would you take it?

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Official Website: https://www.gastonluga.com/  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gastonluga

Follow the hashtag: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/gastonluga/


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