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Hello Jinjja Cha listeners!

It’s April Jay here with a review of my Gaston Luga backpack that I brought along to the Miyavi concert! Our previous posts focused on #travelwithGL and #doitwithGL so now I’ll be showing how I #packitwithGL!


Before we start, don’t forget that we have a code for our listeners!

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So after you’re done reading this you can just click the link to head over and search for your new discounted bag. 😀


Like I previously stated, I was able to take my Classy Gaston Luga bag in Navy and Brown to the Miyavi show last week. IT.CAME.IN.HANDY. Let me tell you.

I arrived very early to the House of Blues to secure my spot in the front (where I belong) so since I got there so early I wore comfortable clothes until it was near showtime when I would change.

To prepare I packed:

  • My concert outfit which included a shirt and skirt which I wrapped in my Gaston Luga protective bag that the backpack was delivered in. (Repurposing!)
  • Toiletries, since I was basically camping out the day. One has to stay fresh before and after the show right?
  • My water bottle
  • A Betsey Johnson phone charger that didn’t work
  • Makeup, which included two makeup pouches and a large blush pallet
  • A fanny pack to wear during the concert since we had to check in large bags before the show.
  • My photo with Miyavi that I wanted him to sign!

Yes, I fit all of that into my bag. I literally #packeditwithGL

gaston luga classy 2

So after stuffing all that into my bag and enjoying the show I went to Bag Check to retrieve my things because my time to meet MIYAVI was approaching! While waiting for my time I headed to the merchandise table to sell my soul (just joking) and ended up with 2 more shirts and a poster that I now needed to hold. Unfortunately I was caught off guard when it was my time to meet him so I went up the stairs fumbling my merchandise in front of my favorite artist! But all ends well because I got my photograph signed AND the 2 extra shirts and poster (rolled up) fit into my bag afterwards!

gaston luga classy 1

I’m still stunned at how much I was able to fit inside my bag but it is now my official “concert bag.” So if you have any upcoming shows or events and you need a bag that will fit all your needs, try out the Classy style bag from Gaston Luga in your favorite color!

Don’t forget to #TravelwithGL #DoitwithGL and #PackitwithGL !!!

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