Gaston Luga 25% off Black Friday Sale

Hello JJC listeners!

We’re back to share a special offer from our collaborator Gaston Luga: A limited time Black Friday offer!

GL header

Yes, 25% off all items! With new durable and stylish collections such as the Kampis and Biten, there’s no wrong one to choose for your friends and family. Girl Davis and I have both used our bags at various events throughout the year and will gift some family members with some this season as well!

An added perk to purchasing one as a gift is that you’ll receive a gift box with your order so you don’t have to worry about gift wrapping. Oh, and how could we forget about the free Arlig travel bag that is included!


You’ll also be able to save AFTER Black Friday as we have a 15% code just for our JJC listeners.

So don’t forget to tag @gastonluga #gastonluga on Twitter and Instagram to show off your goods!

Remember, if you want to go #anywherewithGL this holiday season, hurry over to to save 25% for Black Friday and 15% for the rest of the year!


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