Sponsored Post: Gaston Luga #DoitwithGL

Hey guys it’s Girl Davis here! As you know, we’re currently doing a collaboration with the Swedish Travel Bag brand ‘Gaston Luga’  and we are giving our listeners a discount code for 15% off!  Use code JINJJACHA at checkout so you can join us and #doitwithGL this Autumn! They even include a free passport holder with your purchase: a great add-on … More Sponsored Post: Gaston Luga #DoitwithGL

Gaston Luga Collaboration

Hello Jinjja Cha listeners! We are excited to announce a new partnership with accessory brand Gaston Luga! For the next few weeks we will be introducing the brand as well as sharing our own experiences with our Gaston Luga backpacks using the hashtags #travelwithGL #packitwithGL and #doitwithGL. To start off the #doitwithGL hashtag, we want … More Gaston Luga Collaboration

Mr.Sunshine Review

Have you all checked out the weekly TV Drama Mr. Sunshine? If you haven’t, you definitely should! It stars the handsome Lee Byung as Eugene Choi (Yu-jin Choi), a US Marine Corps officer deployed to Korea. He was actually born in Korea as a slave but had to escape after his mother and father died. The … More Mr.Sunshine Review

Music You Missed Monday #MMMplaylist Norebang Essentials: Girlband Edition!

It’s Monday again so its time for more songs! This week we’re focusing on Norebang Essentials! Are you a fan of going to the Norebang? What is a Norebang/노래방? 노래-Nore means song and 방=Bang means room, it literally translates to singing room. It originated from Japan where they call it Karaoke! Join us for another … More Music You Missed Monday #MMMplaylist Norebang Essentials: Girlband Edition!