Girl Davis


Girl Davis is a 33 year old South London Native who got into Asian Music back in 2002 starting off with Taiwanese R&B/Soul singer Coco Lee . After that, she discovered a whole new world of music from Japan to Korea and fell in love with an artist called BoA, who she still lives for!

From that she started studying Japanese and Korean and in 2013, Girl Davis moved to South Korea as an EFL teacher. She lived and taught in Gangnam for two years until 2015 when she met April who was also an EFL teacher and youtube personality/stylist. Girl Davis decided to take her experiences from Korea as well as her extensive knowledge of Asian music and pop-culture and joined forces with April to create the Jinjja Cha Podcast, which launched in October 2015.

Girl Davis still lives in London, still rides hard for BoA, loves the kids, loves to cook, dance and most definitely loves her some Ty Dolla $ign.


“Every time you hear me speak on Jinjja Cha, you’re hearing someone working through a once crippling speech impediment that is sometimes very apparent on the show, but I’ll never stop! If my hero Lin Manuel-Miranda taught me anything it was: ‘No pare sigue sigue’ (don’t stop, go go) and to always have ‘Pacienca Y Fe’ (patience and faith) and lastly, to never throw away your shot!” ~Girl Davis

Contact: @ThatGirlDavis